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About us

Founded in 2021, by Claudia Gonzalez and Juan Albert the Rincon de Mesilla is located ½ block south of the historic plaza of Mesilla on the street Calle de Guadalupe.  Our Rincon, which in Spanish means corner or center, or nook is the place to visit when in Mesilla.  Originally built in 1856, parts of the building preserves its original adobe architecture and wooden vigas (beams). Starting out as a coffee shop featuring espresso, lattes, teas and more, we have since expanded to feature rich foods combing the flavors of Mexico, Cuba, and Spain.

And more than a coffee shop and a boutique restaurant, we are a cultural center regularly hosting a variety of different social and cultural events.  On Mondays and Thursdays, we feature our Tertulia.  Originated in Spain, a tertulia is an informal social gathering of people.  Our tertulia brings people together to practice their Spanish and enjoy one’s company with a nice cappuccino or Italian Soda.  We have since created a French and German group. We also often partner with New Mexico’s oldest movie theater, just across the street, the Fountain Theater.  One of our most funfest events was the time the Fountain Theater hosted a documentary on Frida Kahlo.  Prior to the movie we hosted a FRIDA look a like contest and had a discussion on the contributions of Frida Kahlo. 

Tango anyone?  Salsa? Classical music?  How about indulging in a Spanish paella?  We’re all about music, dance, literature, and of course good food!  That’s our Rincon!  And don’t forget the artisan treasures we have throughout the store.  Working with artisans from Latin America and New Mexico, we have a beautiful selection including textiles from Oaxaca, pottery from Guadalajara, women blouses from the Yucatan and silver from Taxco.

The cozy atmosphere and inviting decor of our Rincon make it a popular spot for local visitors and weekend tourists to sit back, unwind, and take in the ambiance of the historic surroundings. Whether seeking a caffeine boost, enjoying great food, a tranquil spot for reading, or a casual meeting space, the Rincon de Mesilla is a must-visit for locals and tourists alike.